No longer a slave to fear.

And hope does not put us to shame, because Gods love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. Romans 5:5 – ESV

I love this. The previous blog that I wrote was raw, it came following a night of emotion, conviction, questioning, fear, all following some hard words from a fellow believer.

Sometimes people can say the most hurtful things without realising, the words from our mouths can cut like a knife, little do we know where the injury lies once we have spoken.

We’re so blessed that we have such a loving father that can soothe those sores.

I lay in bed that night tears streaming down my face asking my father “How I could be so bitter with his Holy Spirit dwelling within me?”He said “My child, you asked me for patience, you asked that I heal you, this will take time”.

I use writing as a way to express my raw feelings so, I lay and wrote the words that were on my heart, an open letter to my all loving, all knowing Father.

See, God uses all things not matter how good or bad to come together for the good of his children, I can see now in all the areas of my life, even before I committed it to Christ, that He was hard at work.

Once I’d written it God asked me to publish it:

“WOW! You mean to say I have to take my raw emotion and publish it for all to see?”

I was scared. Scared of the humiliation, scared of the past, scared of people judging me and my life, scared of the many worldly opinions I may have to endure. There were many worries and concerns running through my mind. I was told by a friend not to worry because He goes before me, so I did as I was asked.

Then, after a night of wondering, this morning I had a dream, in it I was asked to look at Romans 5:5.

I woke up, sat up, opened up my bible and was instantly blessed. My Heavenly Father wants me to be settled as walk on through this day.

I have no reason to fear humiliation, Jesus took all that for me on the cross. Jesus also said that we would be sent the comforter, the Holy Spirit, an out pouring of our Fathers perfect love.

As I walk forward today in all that I do, I can hold my head up high knowing that I walk with His Spirit. I’m producing Christlike character within me for all to see.

The work I do with my children is blessed, the people I talk to will be blessed, the work I do in my job will be blessed, my heart is filled with love and I have nothing to fear, Thank You, Father for your everlasting love.

I pray that you do the same today, in all that you do today call upon the name of your Heavenly Father to help you, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and start talking to the one that created you. In Jesus name amen.

God bless. Xx


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