Take a different perspective.

When issues arise we often find that pride and opinions disturb our peace,  we get so caught up in all the he said, she said malarkey then, start to dig up bad feeling, resentment and begin to feel offended.

These negative feeings only come to kill, steal and destroy! There is another option: 

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor – ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Choosing to humble ourselves and give these burdens to Him is obedience, we win over flesh. 

To walk with the Holy Spirit gifted to us  provides peace and satisfaction in our hearts. The Lord promised he will carry our burdens and make right what is wrong but, we must choose to do so, he gave us free will.

Recently, I chose to do exactly this. Over a period of months there had been a whole heap of stuff troubling me. I prayed and asked the lord 

“what should I do?” 

I didn’t feel any peace at all about raising these problems with the flesh so, keeping them to myself I continued on my journey. 
It got to a point that I felt I was going around and around in circles. The same problems smacking me in the face over and over. Again, I prayed and again, the lord told me to trust in Him and He would sort it. 

So, I kept on, and on, and on, round and round and round, just like the Israelites in their journey to the promised land.

Suddenly! T’da the answer came.

He lifted me up and provided me an opening. Not only that he showed me exactly what he had been teaching me and why. I’ve never felt so strong, so empowered and so loved in all my days. I feel the warmth of my Heavenly Father smiling over me and the issues I faced are now but lessons I learnt.
Fret and worry will serve no purpose in our lives ever, only God can make good of these situations ….Trust him …. whole heartedly. 💕💕


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