What If?

Your thoughts become the results you get in your life, they can make or break, destroy or restore, the choice is yours.

What if we lived in a world at peace with one another?

What if we didn’t worry so much what others thought of us?

What if we didn’t get so hung up on whether we fitted in?

What if we chose to be content with who we are?

What if we turned off the sound track to rejection in our heads?

What would the world look like then?

How much more peaceful would it be?

What would you say if I told you we could develop a habit to gain more peace?

This is far more than a daily discipline. It’s a continual training of the mind, a constant choice not to judge, a nonstop weeding of our thoughts and a consistent dedication to love and live in total peace.

A habit can be formed though, just the same way as we’ve developed a habit of jumping to conclusions, judging people’s behaviours, critiquing their opinions and choices we can switch that habit through a unbroken practise of discipline.

These 3 tips have been life changing for me and I’m sure if you are motivated enough to change your thought process and develop more peace in your life they will work for you too.

1. Keep a thought journal.

Journal everything over a period of a week. Don’t try and change it, don’t beat yourself up just write everything down.

2. Track it

Choose a quiet time to look over the journal, what stands out? Looks at the thoughts you had, where did they come from? Why did you think that? What were the triggers?

3. Replace it.

Take the thoughts and turn them on their head, change your perspective, what could you have thought differently? If it was an issue with someone, how could you have empathised and seen this another way? How can you turn a negative into a positive?

Most of all what does the Word say about it? Seek out the the truth what does the Bible say?

God wants to talk to us about every part of our lives, even the bits we try to hide. His word is there to guide us, He can tell us His thoughts on our thoughts and most of all He can change us from the inside out.

This process is something that you can train yourself to do every day, with every thought, it’s habit forming. But we can’t form habit without an awareness of the issue.

This has been a powerful experience for me, I’ve identified root causes of inadequacy issues stemming right back to my childhood, used regularly and developed into a discipline it can be life changing. What’s stopping you? Give it a go!